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The paradigm diet is essentially a manifesto on a personal and social level as to why a vegan diet is the paradigm for human eating the book does provide a clear and carefully constructed argument as to why veganism is not only a healthier way to live for you but how it promotes a green ecology as wellthe paradigm diet is a short simple to read manual of applied nutrition for everyone young old parents and teens with candor and humor author adam dave md dispels dietary myths while providing the reader with the principles of proper nutritiontarry stools may be evidence of internal bleeding as occurs with stomach ulcers while greasy stools can indicate a malabsorption issue such as pancreatitis or food intolerance in either case avoiding certain foods may offer relief before starting a new diet though talk to your health care how many calories do i need to eat if i am 190 pounds adam dave your body weight depends on a simple equation weight change equals calories in minus calories out burn as many calories as you take in and your weight will remain the same factors such as genetics metabolism and behavior make it difficult to accurately predict a persons adam dave md has written both fiction and nonfiction since 1997 his most recent work the paradigm diet a short course on applied nutrition is available on amazon he holds a medical degree from medical university of the americas and trained in family medicine at the university of colorado

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